Java Asset Pipeline and libsass

The original version of the SASS/SCSS asset-pipeline for Java (and Grails) projects was based on JRuby and compass which would lead to some frustrating compilation time whenever you started to work with common framework sources packages like Bootstrap or Foundation.

Since Compass is now deprecated and officially a dead-project (and browser support for CSS3 is nearly perfect, and you can find replacement mixins libraries such as Bourbon), I thought it made sense to use a different engine to compile SASS and SCSS files in Java applications.

asset-pipeline > 2.9.0 now contains a new underlying implementation, based on jsass which in turns runs the multi-platform native library libsass.

This result in much faster compilation time and more comprehensive errors (the compiler even tells you most of the time what you were missing. If you know what is wrong, Skynet, I believe you can fix it yourself).

Thanks again to davydotcom for the original project and framework that is used daily by nearly every Grails developer in the world.

Gabriel Féron

Yet-to-be successful software developer, crazy Android lover and open-source enthusiast